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Complete and submit the following form to request a user account.

Make sure that you first read the Terms of Service before requesting an account.

After submitting the request you should receive within a few minutes an automatic e-mail. Please follow instructions in it to confirm the validity of your e-mail address. When it is done, your request must be manually approved by the administrator of MolWiki. This precaution has been introduced to protect MolWiki from vandalism and in order to keep it clean and safe. It may take some time, please be patient.

Once the account is approved, you will be e-mailed a notification message and the account will be usable at login.

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A confirmation message will be sent to your email address once you submit this request. The address will not be published. Please respond by clicking on the confirmation link provided by the email. Finally, your password will be emailed to you when your account is created.

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The following information is kept private and will only be used for this request. You may want to list contacts such a phone number to aid in identify confirmation.

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