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Chlorodifluoroacetyl Cyanide, ClF2C-C(O)-CN
Experimental (GED) re structure [VedovaIC2011]Author: Ramos, Luis A.; Ulic, Sonia E.; Romano, Rosana M.; Tong, Shengrui; Ge, Maofa; Vishnevskiy, Yuri V.; Berger, Raphael J.; Mitzel, Norbert W.; Beckers, Helmut; Willner, Helge; Della Vedova, Carlos O.
Journal: Inorganic Chemistry
Number: 19
Pages: 9650-9659
Title: Chlorodifluoroacetyl Cyanide, ClF2CC(O)CN: Synthesis, Structure, and Spectroscopic Characterization
Url: http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/ic201390h
Volume: 50
Year: 2011
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