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Editing pages

The most detailed explanation is given on the corresponding page of MediaWiki. In MolWiki the most important principles are:

  • Please follow the general practice of good scientific writing.
  • Prove your statements by including references to peer reviewed journals.
  • Use preview functionality as much as possible! Try not to save changes just for testing purposes.

Source code

To publish source code with highlighted syntax use code tags with indication of the language type:

<code language>
Your source code goes here...

The following example is for Fortran:

<code fortran>
C     A Simple program
      program hello
         print *, "Hello World!"
      end program hello

The result is C A Simple program

     program hello
        print *, "Hello World!"
     end program hello

Mathematical formulae

You can include formulae by using


tags and LaTeX syntax. The example

  \operatorname{erfc}(x) =
  \frac{2}{\sqrt{\pi}} \int_x^{\infty} e^{-t^2}\,dt =
  \frac{e^{-x^2}}{x\sqrt{\pi}}\sum_{n=0}^\infty (-1)^n \frac{(2n)!}{n!(2x)^{2n}}

produces the following output:
[math] \operatorname{erfc}(x) = \frac{2}{\sqrt{\pi}} \int_x^{\infty} e^{-t^2}\,dt = \frac{e^{-x^2}}{x\sqrt{\pi}}\sum_{n=0}^\infty (-1)^n \frac{(2n)!}{n!(2x)^{2n}} [/math]

You can click on the formula to enlarge it.

Molecular structures has a Jmol extension, which can be used to show molecular structures interactively. To create a link to a molecular structure upload a XYZ file and use the jmolFile tag:

<jmolFile  text="An example of molecular structure"></jmolFile>

The example produces the following link:
An example of molecular structure

Participating in discussion

Each article has a dedicated discussion page where you can ask questions, find more information on the topic and talk to other people. More information about discussion pages is on MediaWiki site.